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PandaLabs Releases Numbers for Virus Victims

Oct 14 2009

Total Security 2009.png

PandaLabs Releases Numbers for Virus Victims

Panda Security’s malware analysis have releases information about new rouge-ware programs that appear to be antivirus applications but actually hijack your computer and steal your data files. Cyber criminals are using viruses to hijack your computer (ransom-ware) until you purchase their “anti-viral” software which unlocks the system for normal use again according to the security firm.

Total Security 2009 is the anti-viral/ransom-ware application that is being sold to release the systems. It costs victims $79.95 as a one time fee with an additional tech support plan available. PandaLabs is now releasing the serial numbers that Total Security 2009 sells to victims and has also released a video describing the scam. They have also released a report on the lucrative business of rouge-ware.