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Delta Offering Wi-Fi on 50% of Flights

Delta Air Lines

Delta Offering Wi-Fi on 50% of Flights

Delta Air Lines is now offering WI-FI service on 50% of it's flights within the United States. They are leading the way with number of aircraft offering the highly desired service. 139 airplanes now come with WI-FI access for passengers to surf the Internet from their laptops during flight. Other portal electronic devices may also access the service for instant messaging and email. The company's goal is to have the service available on all flights to allow customers the ease of knowing which airline to select for their personal and business air travel.

Free Access at Delta Sky Club

Per flight service can be purchased for $7.95 to $12.95 with the option of a month long pass for frequent fliers. In addition to the great in-flight service, Delta also installed free Wi-Fi service in all it's Delta Sky Clubs across the country. Flyers on other airlines hope the signal is strong enough to pick-up from gate waiting areas.