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Sirius Radio is Taking on the NFL Draft

Apr 22 2009


Sirius Radio is Taking on the NFL Draft

If you are looking for 16 hours of coverage from the floor of Radio City Music Hall on Saturday as the NFL holds their 2009 draft, Sirius Radio (official NFL sponsor) will be providing the coverage you need. Hosts include Gil Brandt, Pat Kirwan, Tim Ryan, and Adam Schein will cover the first two rounds in their entirety interacting with fans on Mad Dog Radio. But that isnt' all, Sirius will return on day two to cover the other rounds as your favorite teams select picks 3 through 7.

Additional Coverage

The coverage is looking to include not only the announced draft picks but also interviews with the draftees, the general managers making the selections, and the coaches of the teams drafting. Listen as the hosts give their unique perspective on each selection as they happen. Pre and Post Draft coverage will also be featured to give you the news before the draft happens and analyze the outcome afterward. Don't miss a draft pick this year, take Sirius XM Radio with you wherever you go this weekend.