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Internet Explorer 8 is Good for Developers

Mar 20 2009

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Internet Explorer 8 is Good for Developers

In a release about Internet Explorer (IE) 8, Microsoft explores why the new browser will be good for developers. At the recent developers conference, Mix09, Big Softie demonstrated why their new browser provides better performance, easy web development, improved security and more. Some larger Internet properties were on hand to explain how they are using the new browser to create a better experience for users.

New Features

A couple enhancements that Microsoft feels will benefit developers are Accelerators and Web Slices. One Riot testified that users using web slices along with better search functionality visited their site 18% more than previously. ESPN likes the ability to offer one click access to much of the content on their site to web surfers that are looking for in-depth sports information.

The new browser is in it's first release and can be downloaded from Microsoft's IE 8 website at