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ATM Skimming Leads to 1 Billion in Losses for Consumers

Mar 11 2009


ATM Skimming Leads to 1 Billion in Losses for Consumers

In a press release this week by ADT Security Services, the company announced a new security product for ATM operators that will eliminate skimming of customer data and large amounts of theft from the stolen data. Skimming occurs when an electronic device is placed over the debit card reader of an ATM to obtain card information in addition to a small camera to find pin numbers for access. These two pieces of information are transmitted wireless to a criminals laptop where the information is collected and used to withdraw large sums of money at a later time. Over $1 Billion is stolen annually in by this means.

Anti-Skim ATM Security Solution

ADT has brought out their Anti-Skim ATM Security Solution which prevents skimming of ATM data. The solution is adaptable to all models of ATM devices in the United States and Canada. It prevents skimming by detecting any device other than a debit card placed into the card reader and also detects devices placed outside of the card reader. It can trigger a silent alarm to alert authorities if a detection has been made.