IS Magazine Blog Focuses on Personal Finance

Feb 09 2009

MoneyWatch Focuses on Personal Finance

The new financial portal,, from CBS launched recently providing knowledge and tools to help people manage their financial well-being according to a recent press release.

CBS Backed Content

The financial destination has the full editorial team and marketing of CBS behind it and will feature content mentioned on numerous CBS News programs including CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. The site was launched at this time in history with the understanding that many Americans are facing difficult financial decisions and are in need of additional guidance in their financial lives.

Feature Areas

Feature areas within the new portal will include The Big Picture, Human Capital, Cash Flow, and Your Future. The Big Picture will be focused on Macro Economic issues and how the changing financial climate in the US affects individuals. Human Capital will present information geared towards income producing steps in an individual's career. And Your Future is a blueprint to financial independence for individuals.