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TaxBrain Set for 2008 Tax Season

Feb 03 2009

TaxBrain Set for 2008 Tax Season

TaxBrain follows up a solid 2007 tax season with preparation for the 2008 tax season. Their online tax preparation is one of the best tax preparation software applications available. TaxBrain offers comprehensive federal individual tax preparation along with many other features.

Other Features

Other features of TaxBrain online tax preparation include all state tax returns, multi-state processing if you happen to work across state lines, expanded Schedule C support for small business owners, free federal and state electronic filing, enhanced data transfer of online investment portfolio information, and QuickAccess Financial Services to increase the speed of your refund.

Overall Market

Petz Enterprises, the maker of TaxBrain, is looking at increasing use of online tax preparation services. In 2003, 5% of all federal returns were filed online. 40% of all US Citizens file their own taxes using a combination of downloaded software, online services, and purchased packages. Petz Enterprises feels online tax return filing will equal all other forms of self tax preparation in coming years.