IS Magazine Blog Offers Wireless Plan Comparisons

Jan 23 2009

myrateplan Offers Wireless Plan Comparisons

In addition to the tradition comparisons offered between cellphone carriers and home appliances, now also offers a comparison of text messaging services according to a recent press release. This new interactive calculator will let you compare different text messaging plans offered by your wireless carrier. With most carriers increasing their texting rates over the past two years, getting the best plan is a necessity.

By Steve Patterson

The company estimates that having the wrong plan and texting at least four times a day can result in the loss of up to $200 a year in extra fees. This great calculator will determine the best plan for you based on your cellular provider and the number of text messages you receive and send during a month. As an example, for Verizon Wireless I found that I am paying twice what I should be paying for the number of text messages that I receive.