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KIA Automobiles to come with HD Radio

Jan 10 2009

HD Radio

KIA Automobiles to come with HD Radio

According to a press release yesterday, in certain KIA Motors makes and models coming in 2010, the auto-manufacturer will include HD Radio Receivers. The devices will be able to receive high definition AM and FM radio stations with crystal clear sound for free. Sedans and SUVs will be the first models to have the factory installed receivers according to the company.

By Steve Patterson

HD Radio is the latest radio technology that is currently available to about 80% of the US population and offers over 1,800 radio stations countrywide. All channels are subscription-free and deliver their broadcasts in digital format making the sound quality much better than the more common AM/FM radio signals listened to today. In addition to the audio portion of the digital signal supplied on the channels many channels offer corresponding data providing information and up to the minutes news along with the audio.