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Atari to release Ghostbusters Video Game June 16th

Jan 09 2009


Atari to release Ghostbusters Video Game June 16th

As part of a Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary, Atari will be releasing the new Ghostbusters: The Video Game in America on the 16th of June 2009 and worldwide shortly thereafter on the 19th. In a Press Release today, the company announced Ghostbuster: The Video Game which will start a new chapter in the classic movie series.

By Steve Patterson

Many of the original cast members have lent their talent in the development of the game and their voices in the creation of the characters for the game. The game is being released in conjunction with the release of the original movie in high definition on Blu-Ray disc. The game will be available on many of the latest video game systems from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.