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Kim Dotcom's New Site Mega


megaupload (Photo credit: Dropimaxelmax)

Kim Dotcom's New Site Mega

It appears that this pirate of the Internet has created some cloud storage space that permits limited user sharing.

Kim Dotcom has been at the center of a bitter legal battle because it appears that the cloud storage and file sharing company Mega is back in business. But Kim says that Mega is all above board. Mega is Kim Dotcoms brainchild and the file sharing site was launched in New Zealand on Jan 20th. Mega users are allowed to upload fifty gigs and share their files with other cloud users, but the file sharing is limited. If the Mega user wants a premium membership then they need to sign up.

But there is a twist to the tale, it appears that Mega has no idea what is in these files. The files are encrypted and the users are the key holders.

Provide a URL with an embedded password and the Mega files can be shared but they can only be shared with the person who gains access.

Mega may appeal to those who need to store highly confidential material but Kim Dotcom's site has come under scrutiny. Mega may be the most looked into start up in history. The Department of Justice felt that Kim Dotcom's Mega actively encouraged users to upload content that may have been copyrighted. It also appears that Mega rewards good downloaded material with a small cash payment.

Early last year Kim Dotcom's home was raided by the police and Mega was shut down. Megaupload and Dotcom stated that they had acted in accordance with the notices for takedown. The United States government wanted to extradite Dotcom and a court hearing is set to go ahead in March to see if this will be the outcome.




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