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Microsoft’s Replaces Hotmail

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Microsoft’s Replaces Hotmail

Overnight the software giant Microsoft began to convert all of its Hotmail online email clients to their new online email system. The new was being brought out of beta/preview and all current Hotmail users will now have access to the new system. Six months ago the product was offered on a limited basis. By the end of the summer all users should be converted and Hotmail will no longer exist. At the current time 60 million users are using the new Interface. A reported 360 million users have Hotmail accounts. Those users will be able to keep their current email addresses even after they begin using the new system.

According to the company, 1.5 million new users have signed up for the online email platform since it came out of beta near midnight. All these new accounts came without much promotion from Microsoft which plans to send a message to all active Hotmail customers telling them of their option to upgrade. Most of the new accounts were created when news of the release of the service to fully functional from preview occurred. Representatives believe that many of the new accounts came from users of other email programs that were looking for something better. Below is an example of the marketing campaign they are launching, it is scheduled to be the most expensive ever for a free online email service.–Get Going




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