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Twitter Ends TweetDeck Apps for Mobile

Mar 06 2013

Tweetdeck no iPod Touch

Tweetdeck no iPod Touch (Photo credit: ManoelNetto)

Twitter Ends TweetDeck Apps for Mobile

TweetDeck will no longer be available on three mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Adobe Air. Twitter, which now owns TweetDeck, made a blog post that three apps would be removed from popular app stores and existing apps installed on thousands of phones would stop working in May. This is a new strategy for Twitter which wants more users to use the site directly instead of accessing data through its API. Third party apps like TweetDeck rely on the API to pull and post tweets to the popular social network.

For those that use the web-based version of TweetDeck, more resources will be used to improve the web version of the Twitter client. So you can still use TweetDeck on your iPhone and your Droid phone by accessing it through a browser. A little bit of an odd strategy, but its helpful for those that use the service from their desktops.

The TweetDeck company was purchased by Twitter two years ago for $40 million so the apps and web interface would become a part of the company. At the time, TweetDeck was the most popular third-part way to access your tweets and see what others were tweeting on the site.

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