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Statistics Show Adults Texting And Driving More Than Teens

Adults Texting And Driving More Than Teens

If teens endure a bad reputation for texting right into the wee hours of the night or from behind the wheels of their cars, then the public has not received the full picture. It is their parents who are most guilty. Instances of adult texting and driving have risen.

Alarming Figures

Figures appear to have doubled, although they are based on admissions, not solid facts about texting. The trouble is adults seem to be the most rushed; the most pushed and pressured. Teens rarely need to be somewhere in a hurry, except when they are late for work or school. Having recently passed their exams, are teenagers keener to obey the law? Are they more concerned about losing their new-driver status because of texting?

Texting Questions

Is it that adults are more cavalier? If so, then the irony is they know the law. According to recent findings, they are not only texting while driving but they do so knowing the risks. Not only is it highly dangerous, but adult texting and driving could be charged.

Laws continue to change as road users (especially victims of adult texting and driving) call for stiffer penalties and a universal ban on texting while driving. What has happened to bring about these unexpected numbers?

Texting Technology

Drivers would admit they were once guilty of driving while speaking on cell phones. After a while, cars were developed which allowed for hands-free calls while mobile devices also became hands-free. It is quite common to see people talking into their Bluetooth while driving as though having conversations with themselves.

Texting has been around for a while, but it appears to have taken longer to catch on with adults than with teens. The newer technology is, the more likely young people are to embrace it in preference to the older version (cell phones verses texting in this case). Adults take longer to catch up.

Study: Adults worse than teens on texting while driving