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Jeffrey Bezos Invests In Business Insider

Bezos’ Iconic Laugh

Bezos’ Iconic Laugh (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Jeffrey Bezos Invests In Business Insider

Although he is not investing in Business Insider on his own, there is no doubt that Jeffrey Bezos is the driving force behind the new group that is funding the business blog. According to the site, Bezos - who built the empire - has been thinking about investing in the company for roughly a year. In fact, he met with executives from Business Insider at that time and expressed interest, though he did not actually make his contribution until a few days ago. When he did, though, it was a significant amount of money. All told, the investment from the group should be right around the five million dollar mark.

Business Insider has plans to use the investment from Jeffrey Bezos to do a number of things. They have spoken about the need to update and expand their offices, which will now be possible with this influx of money. They also have talked about investing the money in just about every aspect of the site, from editorial work to events and marketing. That much capital will really give the blog, which has already grown to be very well-known in the business world, a chance to reach that next level of development. It seeks to be a leading resource for businesses all around the globe, and investors are needed.

The specific reasons that Jeffrey Bezos decided that Business Insider was worth the investment were not given, but it was mentioned that he saw a few parallels to what the blog is doing and what he has already done with Amazon. Clearly, Jeffery Bezos knows what the Intent can be and how to use it correctly, and he sees that potential in informational blogs as well as online retailers. If the growth happens as he believes it will, the investment could pay off handsomely.