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Google's Newest Foray Into Video Gaming

Jul 01 2013

Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Google's Newest Foray Into Video Gaming

For the past decade, the video gaming industry has been dominated by three companies: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  These three companies, manufacturers of the Xbox, Playstation, and Wii (respectively) have enjoyed tremendous market share and no outside competition -- until now.  Google has announced that they will throw their hat into the Video Game Console ring and challenge the supremacy of the gaming titans with their own video gaming system.

Powered By Android

This is not the first attempt by Google to edge into the video gaming market.  Their Android smart phones have proven extremely popular, not in the least because of the ease of designing games that can be played on the touchscreens.  Google brings in extensive royalties from their smartphone app video game market, but the few dollars it costs to play an Angry Birds title is only a small fraction of the cost for a triple-A game on a Video Game Console.

Rivaling The Best

This news from Google is thought to be a direct challenge to the company's two largest rivals, Apple and Microsoft.  Apple has yet to manufacture its own video game system, but the next generation of AppleTV is rumored to have gaming capabilities.  Microsoft, who just launched the third-generation Xbox One, is suffering from lower sales and a higher price tag than anticipated.  Since the Google Video Game Console is rumored to start at only ninety-nine dollars, it would not only be the cheapest in the market but one of the cheapest consoles every sold.

Google Gets Into Gaming, Challenging Sony, Nintendo