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What Is Facebook Graph Search?

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What Is Facebook Graph Search?

When you are browsing about on Facebook, checking up on friends and family, you may notice that there is a new feature available in the top-right corner of your profile page.  This is the Facebook Graph Search, a new way of pulling up information in your user network of friends and contacts.  By combining the data available from a billion users, Facebook is now capable of creating lists and graphs from queries such as photos of friends and "likes" of friends.  This resource makes it easier for users to come up with search terms when browsing for information on the database.

Social Graph

Named after the social graph of Facebook, in which a complex network of dozens of individuals come together in a single comprehensive friends listing, with each person's connection to one another mapped out.  The Facebook Graph Search works to tap into the interconnected system, going through profiles starting with your own and then connecting into friends and likes.  Since Facebook can list information of friends-of-friends and non-friend contacts, it is possible to use the search feature in order to find out popular likes from outside your own network.  As an example, a user could use the Facebook graph search in order to find restaurants or bars in their city based on the likes of both their friends' profiles and non-friend profiles.

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