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Gamescom 2013 Xbox One News

Aug 20 2013


XBox (Photo credit: Sheryl's Boys)

Gamescom 2013 Xbox One News

The XBox One news so far from Gamescom 2013 seems to be mostly about games, a welcome change from the poorly-received reveal earlier in the year. A full slate of 23 games has been announced for release, including a handful of console exclusives and one or two legitimate surprises. The biggest launch news is certainly that Call of Duty: Ghosts is slated to have dedicated XBox One servers and will take advantage of the new system's cloud computing, but the announcement of exclusive content for the anticipated The Division is also a major feather in the cap of Microsoft.

A few other games have been announced, including the rumored Fable Legends, but the full list of upcoming games is still growing. One of the more surprising bits of news is that FIFA 14, the latest iteration of the popular soccer game, will be included for free for every Xbox One pre-order in Europe. Whether such a deal will be extended to North American consumers is unknown, but the move does show that Microsoft is taking the European market quite seriously.

Finally, the Kinect peripheral still has a large presence, even it is no longer a mandatory accessory for the system. Ubisoft's Fighter Within will be an Xbox One exclusive for the Kinect, as will upcoming Kinect Sports Rivals. Both games will take advantage of the upgraded hardware and software to provide a more realistic, one-to-one approach to motion controls. While further Kinect announcements are likely, the device has not dominated Gamescom news as much as it has in previous years.