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Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

Sep 14 2013

Apple 16 GB white iPhone

Apple 16 GB white iPhone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comparing The IPhone 5 With The IPhone 5c

In recent years, Apple has been able to improve the performance of every subsequent reincarnation of their iPhone, whilst simultaneously preserving (and occasionally lengthening) the battery life. The newly introduced iPhone 5c keeps up this tradition. FCC documentation has revealed that the iPhone 5c battery capacity is roughly 5% greater than that of the iPhone 5. Although FCC disclosures can be notoriously inaccurate in the reporting of battery capacities, these numbers do appear to be believable. The figures corroborate the statement made by Apple at the keynote earlier in the week, concerning the increase in size of the 5c battery.

In terms of how this impacts on practical usage, Apple stated during its' keynote that LTE browsing time and 3G talk time on the 5c checks in at an excellent ten hours. This marks a 25% improvement from the iPhone 5. Furthermore, the standby time on the 5c is 250 hours. The iPhone 5 pales somewhat in comparison, as its' standby time is just 225 hours. While battery life might not be the most exciting of specs to highlight, it is something that vastly improves the user experience.

The internals of the iPhone 5c share many similarities with the internals of the now defunct iPhone 5. During the iPhone 5's 1st three days on sale, Apple sold over 5,000,000 units. The iPhone 5c could be even more successful than this. On the 20th September, it is being launched in eleven countries simultaneously, and a broader launch in other regions will follow.

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