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Preserving Your i07 Battery

Sep 30 2013

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Preserving Your i07 Battery

Your iPhone has several different aspects which burn through your battery with reckless abandon. IOS 7 burns through your battery faster than iOS 6 on every device that uses it. The upgrade is nice but what do you do about the battery drainage?

Turn Down the Brightness

One of the biggest drains on your battery is  the screen so turning down the brightness setting to its lowest point will go a long way to preserve your battery. With iOS 7, you don't even have to go to settings to adjust your brightness. Simply pull up the control center from the bottom of the screen and adjust the brightness from there.

Turn Paralax Off

Paralax is the effect that makes things on the Iphone look 3D. It's even been reported to cause motion sickness in some people so turning it off may be good for you. From settings go to General, Accessibility, then turn on reduce motion.

Turn off Bluetooth

This is a classic step that works for all smartphones. If you're not using your bluetooth, there's no need to have it on. There's even an app named Bluetooth OnOff that permits you to turn bluetooth on and off from your home screen.

Turn off WiFi

WiFi is another little known battery killer. WiFi is great and the speed is awesome but it kills the battery even when you're not connected. Keep your WiFi turned off w=accept when you use it and you should see a substantial increase in your battery life.

Disable Airdrop

Everyone with iOS 7 loves airdrop and the ease with which they can transfer file but this feature is a notorious battery killer so turn it off and keep your phone turned on.

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