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Singapore (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

ISMagazine Website And Info

Think of the ISMagazine website, at, as your portal to Singapore. On the ISMagazine website, you can find out about events and more from The Asia City Network's easy-to-use interface. And it's not just about events - the ISMagazine website is a resource for finding out about hot new restaurants; learning more about travel deals and events; and a place to read blogs and columns about life in fast-faced, cosmopolitan Singapore. There's also a link to the magazine's store, which boasts a variety of best-selling travel and dining guides.

So whether you're a Singapore native or a first-time visitor, think of ISMagazine as your source for all things happening'. Take advantage of ISMagazine's cutting-edge website, where you can learn about upcoming musical performances, nightlife and club events, art and museum exhibitions, bars and restaurants. ISMagazine also has the inside-scoop for what Singapore's visitors have to say. These interviewees come from all walks of life, and have a lot of great insight about what makes Singapore so unique. While it may be tempting to write it off as simply a place to party and have fun, ISMagazine knows that Singapore is much more than a pretty facade. You can even find academic and professional resources on the website. You can learn Chinese ink painting or acting, if your interest goes that way, or you can network by finding out about upcoming conferences and events relating to your field. It really does seem like there's something for everyone in Singapore.