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Google And Nest And The Smart Home

Jan 14 2014

Cheers to Nest Labs

Cheers to Nest Labs (Photo credit: jurvetson)

The smart home concept is one that Nest and Google could get wrong, especially now that Google has access to most homes and is poised to introduce smart appliances. However, concerns arise out of the capacity of consumers to comfortably maneuver the murky world of the Internet.

According to the Google Smart Home, a consumer will basically walk home, go up the stairs and with an android device, open the smart lock on the door and alert the system they are now home. In return, the Nest system will start the thermostat and raise temperatures to levels of about 72 degrees as the lights turn on and brightness corrected so as to optimize the usage of energy. Even the refrigerators from brands such as Samsung will rely on the Android platform to inform home owners on the need to replenish dwindling food stocks.

All these are visions of the kind of world envisioned in the future after it was announced that Google had purchased the company Nest Labs. Net Labs is a firm that produces smart appliances and was just purchased a couple of days ago at a cost of $3.2 billion. Many bill this as a marriage between the most ambitious technology company in the world and a five star smart appliances company. According to the CEO of Nest Mr. Tony Fadell, there are serious hurdles facing modern technology companies.

This is also acknowledged by one of the founders of Nest, Mr. Matt Rogers, who will stay on with Tony Fadell under Google. According to his opinion, the tech world is still a long way from the concept of consumers getting their coffee prepared automatically after turning off the home alarm. The Internet has slowly developed over the years but it is still a long way away from reality.

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