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TechCrunch, Disrupt NY Finalists Head For The Big Prize

Loïc Le Meur at TechCrunch Real-Time Stream Cr...

Loïc Le Meur at TechCrunch Real-Time Stream Crunchup, in july 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Manhattan Center for TechCrunch Disrupt NY has been packed this week with tech fans previewing the latest, best and soon-to-be top innovators in technology. Among those attending the venue, along with the stargazers, are Mike Judge, Fred Wilson and Brenden Iribe. Expected soon are Matt Mulenweg, Marissa Mayer, Sophia Amoruso and Michael Heyward.

The highlight of TechCrunch is the Startup Battlefield where a panel of judges and the TechCrunch team have evaluated 25 tech novices (in business 3 months or less) and their businesses. Five businesses were selected as finalists. In the next part of the competition, they were compete for an award of $50,000 and for the "Disrupt Cup."

The 5 startups in this last round are:

-Mimi, an app to aid the hearing impaired with technology that utilizes a person's phone and earphones.

-ISI Technology which could replace everyone's hot water tanks with efficient, electronic and energy-sparing supply of hot water to businesses and homes.

-Boomerang Commerce is expert in dynamic pricing which allows companies to sell online and in real-time, thus upping profits.

-Vurb is sees Google as the company to beat. Vurb looks to be everyone's search engine.

-Mink is a company specializing in 3D cosmetics, such as lip gloss and mascara, that the consumer can print and use at home.

-Showkit has developed apps to bring customers and tech support together in a "brick and mortar" environment.

Stay tuned for the final rankings on these TechCrunch, Disrupt NY Finalists. Who will receive the best critique, the big bucks and trophy and all that media attention?

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