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A Review Of PC Healthboost

There are lots of different software products out on the market today, to help optimize your system and have it run more smoothly. One of the most promising products to date is PC Healthboost. This will be an in-depth review. We'll list the main features accompanying this software, and give some pros and cons. That will help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not PC Healthboost is the right product for your needs.


An Overview of The Product:

Like many of the other optimizing programs available today, PC Healthboost comes with a broad range of effective tools for optimizing your computer. They are proven tools that help a PC to run better, like registry fixes, etc.  What is unique about this program is how easy it is to install. It takes no technical know-how or IT \training to operate.

Its interactive interface makes is very easy to navigate. It carries many features that are all simple to access right from the dashboard.  All of your options are clearly labeled so you will know what you're doing when you do it. It also has detailed geographical representations to give you a clear picture of what is taking place.

PCHealthBoostAbout the Developer of This Software:

Boost Software are the ones who put out PC Healthboost. This company gained high praise and recognition from Microsoft (by receiving Microsofts' Vendor Gold Certification).

The System Requirements:

PC Healthboost requires a minimum  of 10MB of hard disk space, plus  1024MB or RAM.

Introduction of The PC Healthboost Software:

With PC Healthboost, you're able to scan and then fix your PC problems in 8 different categories. Each individual category has been carefully designed to perform and manage elaborate scans, in order to reveal even the tiniest errors. We'll take a closer look at some of these tools.

One of the first tools is their registry scanner. It will search your registry for errors, outdated keys, and broken pathways. After it locates all the errors, they are displayed with a detailed list of descriptions concerning each one. From there you'll be given the choice of which errors to fix. Your registry can then be repaired.

With PC Healthboost, you don't have to worry about not having your registry backed up. It will automatically back up your registry before it makes any repairs. It also has a great defragmenting tool to help remove unused entries that are just cluttering up your registry. This helps your system to run a lot smoother.

There are uninstall and disabling functions available to you as well. This will enable you to uninstall or disable any program you no longer want. The disabling feature may disable a program, however, it will continue to keep running in the background. This will help to free up lots of RAM which speeds up your computer.

This feature will also enable you to select what programs will be loading upon startup. By lowering the number of programs being loaded automatically at startup, your computer will be loaded much quicker than before. The automatic scan feature is also very exciting. It will scan your PC and keep it maintained through a regular maintenance schedule.  You can control the settings so it runs when you want it to, and how many times a day or week that you want it to. This regular maintenance will help your PC to continue operating at its optimum performance level. It takes no manual intervention on your part. Set and Forget.

This has been a quick overview of a great product. It has many more features and could be your best choice for keeping your own PC running smooth and fast.

Installing PC HealthBoost and Running Your First Scan
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