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The Best Free System Utilities


IBM PC (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

All things need to be cleaned up really good every now and then. You PC is not any different. A good PC HealthBoost is in order at critical times. However, finding a legitimate free system utility can sometimes be a bit tricky. So we've thrown together this small list of what we believe are among the top system utilities that promise they will clean your computer up and improve its performance.


This utility was created by Piriform. To enhance your system it removes temporary files, unused data, and cookies. One of its features is a Startup Cleaner, that speeds your PC up during startup. It also comes with a Registry Cleaner for helping to solve problems with error messages, crashes, and system freezes.

CCleaner  has an interface that is very easy to use. It is customizable as well. It enables you to use the kind of tools that are necessary for optimizing your PC's performance. Don't make the mistake of letting this programs simplicity fool you, because it's very powerful. It makes a great choice for millions of PC owners across the world.


SlimCleaner stands out from the rest by placing no restriction on the number of computers you can use it for. You have the option of running it from a USB drive, or taking it from one PC to another, without having to re-install every time.

The clever thing about SlimCleaner is how it knows exactly what to delete and what to keep. It analyzes all the collective data belonging to all its users. Some of its features are the Disk Defrag, Duplicate File Finder, and the Disk Analyzer, which permanently removes deleted items.

Glary Utilities

Just like most other system utilities, the Glary Utilities offer you a Spyware Remover, Shortcut Fixer, Startup Manager, and Registry Cleaner.

One very handy feature of the Glary Utilities is its Windows Boot Time Monitor. This tells you how much time Windows is taking during bootup in comparison with other users. That way you can manage your settings and improve on your boot time whenever necessary.


If you want a simple, clean interface, then WinUtilities is for you. It's customized with all the tools you could want or need. It has a Task Scheduler, that is extremely useful because you can set it on automatic. This is good for people who don't want to have to remember to run it and don't want to be bothered with running it manually.

Make sure that you find the right program that will give you the best PC HealthBoost for keeping things running smoothly.