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Tesla's Model 3 Is A Futuristic Marvel

Jul 22 2014

English: Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5, the fourth-...

English: Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5, the fourth-generation Roadster from electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 Reasons Why Tesla Motor's Model 3 is a Game-Changer:

Tesla announced earlier this week, the official name of its newly planned affordable vehicle - the Model 3. When Steve Fowler (Auto Express Writer) detailed his recent interview with Elon Musk (Tesla CEO), he called this next generation small car a rival to the BMW 3 series. Some believe that's a bit outlandish, however, others think he may be right.

It seems there is a solid case for the Tesla affordable care. The market overall agrees that they have a good chance to build a car that is every bit as marketable as the BMW 3 series. Tesla intends to sell 500,000 of these electric cars annually by the year 2020. That would put them on par with the entire BMW 3 lineup. Becoming a rival to the BMW 3 series would definitely make Tesla's model 3 a Game-Changer.

How Could Tesla Make it Happen?

Big Investments - Tesla has been involved and is involved in making the necessary investments it needs for turning itself into a larger auto manufacturer. Their Model 3 is to be built on an entirely new and separate platform, and will cause the expansion of the Fremont, California factory's capacity.

Their Unique Value Factor - Tesla has no trouble selling their vehicles. Their limitations are on the supply side, not on the side of demand. Tesla's vehicles are very compelling in a number of areas. Aside from the power and acceleration of their cars, the fact that they're fully electric has helped them to achieved unparalleled safety ratings. They can also brag about their offer of free super-charging for life, as well as their impressive all-electric distance range.

A Solar Boost - As big as the savings will be already from fully electric power, as the price of solar panels continues to fall, that could end up playing a role as well. Not long ago homeowners were skeptical of solar power, but that's not holding true any longer. They are becoming more affordable and more capable than ever. By the time Tesla launches its new car, solar technology will have made even more progress. A combination of electric and solar power could be the wave of the future, making the Tesla Model 3 an inspiring and futuristic Game-Changer.