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PC Health Boost Software Poland Office Builds Morale


Boost Poland took part in a multi city event to build team morale. The team went on an excursion to improve their existing professional relationship. Consequently, they returned revitalized and prepared to rise to fresh challenges.

During the event, the team visited Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk, along with smaller local communities in Pomerania. In total, there were nine participants: Iwona Wyszyńska, Mariusz Kilian, Grzegorz Paciejuk, Monika Raciborska, Marek Jakimiuk, Grzegorz Raciborski, Karol Zdancewicz, Roberto Fusco and Stan Ruchlicki. Some of these team members work in the development department at Boost Software. These are the people who update the PC SpeedBoost and PC HealthBoost software everyday.

Over the course of the multi city event, they took part in tasks that enhanced their leadership and interpersonal skills. Also, on the beach, they drew the logo for Boost Software in the sand. Mariusz Kilian, the Technical Director, said that they did this to make an imprint on the area.

Some of the tasks they took part in included fishing, archery, performance sports and bomb defusing. By all accounts, the team had a lot of fun while doing this. Nonetheless, they still focused on the aspects that enabled them to complete activities efficiently. Moreover, they claim to be proud of how tight knit their team is.

Purportedly, the forty km cycle journey was the highlight of the event. Throughout the trip, they traveled through sea landscapes and endured severe climates. The regions visited by the team -- particularly Sobot -- are renown as picturesque European tourist spots. They seemed to have gained a lot from this miniature holiday, even though it was a work related event.

The Poland office of Boost Software has existed since 2013. It develops software that offers quick solutions for those who wish to improve PC performance. Visit to find out more.




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