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Boost Software Accepts Honors For Exceptional Customer Service

Once again, the Best in Biz Award benefactors presented Boost Software with an accolade for great customer service. This year, they became the proud recipients of the International Bronze Award for The Most Customer-Friendly Company in 2014.

As a Certified Gold Development partner for Microsoft, Boost Software created a number of noteworthy programs such as PC Healthboost, Driverboost, and PC Speedboost.

Organizations and businesses from over 30 countries selected Boost Software for this prestigious award. The judges chosen for the Best in Biz Awards are normally trade experts and media reps who are familiar with the companies in the selection pool.

Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar are the masterminds behind Boost Software. Their overall goal was to create a PC optimization company with exceptional tech support for the end user. Both of these gentlemen experienced the inadequate customer support provided by the majority of software companies. Some of these companies had excellent software products, but their customer service divisions were ineffective.

One of the major problems recognized by these two innovators was the lack of native English-speakers in tech-support departments. By hiring individuals who are fluent in English and technologically astute, these gentlemen can provide adequate support in every country where English is the dominant language. They also implemented ticket and email support systems for individuals who prefer to communicate in this manner.
Since very few companies were providing satisfactory customer service, it was easy for them to stand out amongst their competitors. To these men, filling this void was a no-brainer, but it did not seem to be on their competitor's list of priorities. Instead of focusing all of their efforts on creating software products like PC Healthboost and others, they devoted some time to the customer service issue within their industry. Because they provided a solution to this problem, they received an award for their efforts.
Boost Software plans to release antivirus and PC security software towards the end of the year. For more information on their current and future products, visit




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