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PC HealthBoost Gets A Makeover

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The Developers Of PC HealthBoost Have Created A Customized User Experience With Upgraded Dashboard

PC HealthBoost, a consumer software, has just been enhanced for a more optimal user experience.  The GUI/dashboard has been revamped to become more user-friendly and intuitive and the software is now additionally capable of detecting and displaying the type of computer that it has been installed on.

One of the top-selling programs for PC optimization just got itself an amazing competitive edge.  Boost Software which is based in Boston has made recent upgrades to its flagship program, PC HealthBoost.  This enhancement includes auto-detection capability and a redesigned interface that users will enjoy.

Boost Software's Senior Designer, Joel Jenkins says that the old design was quite popular and successful among users, but the company wanted to have a brand new standard for each of its Boost applications.  According to Jenkins, they went over the application step by step to make sure that it was as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

Among some of these recent changes are new uniform buttons, a larger frame, more colors and icons and many other new features.

PC  HealthBoost provides more than aesthetics.  People will obtain increased functionality, usability and a greatly enhanced user experience overall. 

PC HealthBoost has established a reputation among merchants and users as an application with a quality user experience.  The refund rate for this software is just 3 to 4%, which is far below the industry standard of 10%.

The developers and designers of this program attribute its success to exceptional functionality and a superior user interface, however, the PR Director for Boost, Erin Walsh, thinks that there is much more to it.

According to Walsh, the fact that PC HealthBoost outshines all other optimization products for PCs definitely helps in keeping the refund rate low.  Walsh also thinks that 24/7 web and phone support play a role in keeping refunds low.  Each of the support technicians for this company are native English-speakers and Microsoft certified.  Walsh thinks that this type of support is the perfect compliment to the premium build of their constantly improving software.

Amit Mehta and Peter Dunbar are the online sales team that formed the parent company for PC HealthBoost known as Boost Software after they grew tired of the lack of robust build and support that was evident among all other optimization programs for PCs.

Together, these two invested $500k and two years into creating a greatly improved PC optimization software and registry cleaner for the web-based market.  They additionally provide comprehensive options in training, ad creative and a number of other resources for affiliates at