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Promised Windows 10 Improvements Could Pay Off For Microsoft

Microsoft Windows wordmark

Microsoft Windows wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Experts from Microsoft unveiled many of the things that I was saying they should bring up at their Windows press conference in San Francisco. One of the biggest surprises Microsoft made was to name their new operating system Windows 10. That being said many of the other aspects of the reveal were quite basic. They didn't throw many other curve balls that would suggest they're fundamentally changing their business model.

It looks like the Windows Start Menu should be returning in a big way, which might please users who were upset with the live tile interface brought ushered in by Windows 8. The new menu provides options for both the traditional program list as well as a customizable set of live tiles. These can just as easily work with touch screen devices for those who need it. Those who have convertible 2-in-1 devices should be able to have the operating system reconfigure itself automatically based on what mode is chosen.

Virtual desktops and a new task view button will allow users to switch between open apps and files. Microsoft is a software company at heart, and they know how to hone a user interface for simplicity. This is the kind of thing that a company needs to get right in order to ensure that a product release is success. While none of this is anything new it might help to convince users displeased with the last version of the famous operating system.

On the other hand, they've struggled with maintaining a platform environment that can be used across both desktops and mobile devices. They need to change the way that they develop and market software in order to stay relevant in today's marketplace.

Microsoft should be promoting a single product family on a single platform that uses a single store to sell software. Apple currently has the iOS and Mac OS platforms, so if Microsoft wants to remain competitive they should do what they can to ensure that people are able to use the same apps and core operating system regardless of what device they are on. This will help them to push the potential apps store opportunity that they're currently working with.