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Amazon Fire TV Adds HBO GO Service


With the addition of HBO GO to Amazon Fire TV, a user can simple say the name of the movie or a television series and the interface with search HBO GO, Hulu, or Showtime Anytime for the program you want to watch. This follows the addition of HBO GO to both Apple TV and Roku media streamers. Amazon Fire TV Stick will get the service in the Spring.

You need to have an HBO subscription with your cable provider to get the service working on your Amazon Fire TV. The service has been available for some time on Amazon Fire HD pads, allowing owners to watch HBO movies anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. Connect your Amazon Fire HD to your television through a mini-HDMI cord and watch movies on televisions without a cable box installed.

Since the launch of Amazon Fire TV, over 700 apps have been added to the platform. The application will not work if you are a Comcast or Charter cable subscriber as they are blocking the app, according to reports. The addition of HBO Go follows the addition of HBO content to Amazon’s Prime service earlier this year.

HBO plans to offer its content without a cable subscription, but with a streaming subscription, sometime in the coming year.

HBO GO on Amazon Fire TV (HBO GO)