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H&R Block Appeals to TurboTax Deluxe Users

Jan 13 2015


Turbo Tax Enters a New Era with Tax Software Changes and Software wars get tough with tax time soon beginning.

Mouseprint an affiliate of Consumer informed Turbo Tax users that Intuits product, Turbo Tax Deluxe, so popular with filers is changing. The schedule C (self-employment), Schedule E (Partnership Income-Rental) or Schedule D (Investment) no longer exist in Turbo Tax Deluxe. Customers now need to upgrade to the "Premier" editions and above.

The founder of, Mr. Edgar Dworsky expressed the change as a "Clever ploy." Take away what people consider essential, and set a higher price. The surprise from users might prove quite interesting. Some will only realize the difference while working on their taxes. Tax preparation for many people is stressful and this change will not be met with open arms.

In the opinion of Dworsky, Intuit failed to properly inform customers of the change in the program. Some users agree. Customers voiced displeasure on concerning their surprise.

Customer anxiety has prompted H&R Block's HRB +0.06% program to soothe the dissatisfaction of customers. Customers can obtain a free version of the H&R Block Deluxe + State 2014. Forms missing from Turbo Tax Basics or Deluxe remain in H&R Block software costing no extra. The company asks customers send email to [email protected]:

*Operating system
*Proof of Purchase (Photo or scan)

Name, address, and phone number
Type of operating system in use (Windows/Mac)
Use a photo, scan, or email showing proof of TurboTax Basic or Deluxe purchase

H&R Block upon receipt forwards download address to the H&R Block Deluxe + State.

The offer is only obtainable by H&R Block email request. I have not used this program and cannot personally vouch for any problems with its use. I also cannot say if change, from one program to the other is easier.

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