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Facebook Messenger Adds Video Calling

Apr 28 2015


If you have tried to send a message using your Facebook app recently, you noticed that the company wants you to download Facebook Messenger first. This new Facebook app has become popular with both Apple iPhone users and Google Android users. Using the app you can chat with your Facebook friends using your phones instead of their built in messaging apps.

The Facebook Messenger isn’t the first app with video calling but since it is a widely used application, its addition is important. More than 600 people use the app to communicate with family and friends, now they can use video in real-time. The nice thing about the application is that it is compatible across many devices, allowing you to video chat without caring what device your friends are using.

Tapping the camera icon with the app is the way to answer a call or to start a video call. The new feature isn’t available in all countries just yet but will be soon.

Video calling now on Facebook messenger