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Google Acquires Timeful For Google Calendar

May 04 2015


Timeful is a very useful application for your smartphone that uses artificial intelligence to find ways for users to fit more into their daily schedules. The only issue the company faced was getting users to switch from their current calendar applications and use the new features. But with news today that Google will acquire the company, these advanced features will now be implemented within Google calendar and other Google productivity apps. The current app for iOS and the iPhone will continue to be available but all new development will be on Google products.

Timeful had funding of $6.8 million from a number of venture capital firms but the details of the Google purchase are not being released. The company has near 20 employees at this time and the future of those employees in unknown as of the acquisition.

The app the company developed uses behavioral science to improve productivity. The science shows that changing environment creates the best productivity improvement as apposed to introducing a new tool. The approach is unique when compared to similar apps such as Sunrise, Tempo, Wyth, and The more you use Timeful, the more it understands your habits and schedules your week more efficiently.

Timeful brings a better calendar to iPhones