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Click On Any Super Mario Brothers Google Search Results

Sep 19 2015


Join the Google Easter Egg Hunt by Clicking in Your Super Mario Brothers Google Search Results

Everyone who grew up during the 90's know the role that Super Mario Bros played in their lives. I, myself played the awesome Nintendo game for endless hours and worked to death just to have enough to buy my own Nintendo unit. One day, I will introduce my kids to the game and explain why I love it despite its crude graphics and simple game play.

Super Mario Bro as first released on September 13, 1985 and to commemorate it's 30th year, Google came up with an Easter Egg Hunt anyone can join by typing the "Super Mario Brothers" keywords in the Google search bar.

I'm deep into the egg hunt myself without much success. I want to see myself if its true that there's a 1-up sound on the 100th click.

Google's Mario 30th Anniversary Easter Egg