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Where to Play Mario Forever Online for 2015

Nov 19 2015

Mario Forever

Mario Forever

What could be more enjoyable and fun after a long and stressful day at work or at school than playing your most favorite game right on your desktop? It does not have to be a very complicated game with a sophisticated graphic performance that requires high specs from our computer and video card. A simple 2D game like Mario Forever can be a perfect choice to kill your stress and you can download it easily from a trusted source like If you like to find out more information about where to play Mario Forever online, feel free to read the rest of this article.

Mario Bros

Many times, the games with high specifications tend to cause us more stress since we have to prepare with higher computer requirements and overcome escalating difficulty levels. Nintendo’s Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever does not present a complicated story with incredible graphics, yet it has managed to become one of our favorites for many years. The Flash version is great for most PC home computers. This popular game has come up with a number of variations like Mario Forever, Super Mario Flash, Super Mario Strikes and Super Mario World. More interestingly, you can now play these fun games online or with a simple download. Mario Forever has turned out to be among the most played Mario games online to date. Plus its easy to get started as the controls are the basic arrow keys on the keyboard and getting the Mario character to jump is done by pressing the space bar.

Super Mario Bros

Just like in any other Super Mario Bros game, you shall find the same classic story in Mario Forever. Mario is destined to look for the princess and save her from the Koopa King and his army. The princess, as usual, will be waiting in the castle and Mario will come as her long awaited hero. The startup in-game tips make getting started easy. Apparently, there are many online game providers you can visit each time you wish to play Mario Forever or many other Super Mario versions. You can simply follow this link, each time you have some spare time.

Mario Forever is also known as Super Mario 3 and you should not expect this game as a remake version of Super Mario Bros. You must have been very familiar with the story in this Mario variation. The Toadstool kingdom was home to a peaceful life and prosperity. But when Bowser, the evil Koopa King came to this place with his Koopa army, Goombas and tanks, he took away the peaceful environment and turned it into a threatening situation. He left the good citizens of Toadstool with no chance to stand against his reign. Thank God, a plumber name Mario came in action to save the day. With all his limited power, Mario had committed himself to fight against the evil Koopa king and bring peace back to the Toadstool kingdom. It is a bit shameful that Mario Forever misses out the role of Mario's brother, Luigi. You shall find no Princess Peach character in this Mario version either. However, it can be seen as a minor flaw since most Mario game players do not really play the game for the plot anyway.

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There was some slight glitching in the downloaded version and we had to restarted the application. But you should be glad to know that you can enjoy a fantastic look at Mario in the classic game Mario Forever. This variation seems pretty charming colorful and more importantly, Mario Forever will not push your computer capacity to the limit. Just click on to help reduce the stress with a fun and 2D classic game.

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