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Uber To Introduce US Food Delivery App

Jan 29 2016


UberEats will deliver the food you want ( On Demand Food Delivery) from local restaurants quickly using their vast number of their registered car drivers, in 5 to 15 minutes. The app takes your location and gives you options in your area. The app and delivery will not cost the customer anything either, how is that possible? According to the service, restaurants and customers love the service.

Currently being tested in Toronto using the standard Uber app, UberEats will launch in the US in late March with its own Android and IOS app. The prepared food delivery service will open in 9 cities in the country, three in Texas, LA, Chicago, NY, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. At this time meals are only available during the lunch hour using the standard Uber app. Partner restaurants in these new cities will be able to purchase lunch or dinner.

Open the app, select a restaurant from the ones close to you, select the items you want from a limited menu and then meet the delivery car/bike outside your building or home. The app is great and the return time is amazing. Is the food delivered well? When tested by On Foodable Weekly, the food delivered could have been of higher quality. The restaurant picks the presentation. But a second test of the service came back great. So its 50-50 on the quality.

UberEATS: The Best of Your City Delivered in Minutes | Uber