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Senior Citizen Cell Phone Plans to Consider

Feb 24 2016


Some cell phone plans are much better suited for seniors than others. Plans that allow senior citizens to get help when on the go and contact their loved ones at home are ideal. And the technology of the phone is not necessarily all that important if the price is discounted accordingly.

Great Call

Easy to use cell phones and plans is what Great Call offers. Some of their phones also include medical alert buttons, great for seniors. The plans often have a lot of call hours and not as much data, which is what senior citizens are looking for. Coverage is Verizon, so you know that you will be able to get a signal no matter where you are in America. Starter plans include 200 minutes for $14.99/month (2018).


The Jitterbug 5 is a big seller for Jitterbug as the company provides phones that are really easy to use. The speaker volume is great and the screen is bright and easy to see. 5 Star Medical Alert is available for medical emergency issues. Jitterbug Touch is an option for Seniors that want something a little more complex. And for $40 a month, users can get 100 MB of data per month. If you only want calling, then their plans are similar to Great Calls, starting at $14.99.

Seniors Wireless

Pre-paid plans are offered by Seniors Wireless. One can choose the plan they want for the month and pick something different next month. There other optional medical services over the telephone too. Sprint provides the wireless coverage, also a very reputable carrier.

The Federal Government

For seniors in need, the federal government has a program that offers both a free cell phone and free service. Check out the requirements for Lifeline here. If you qualify it might be the best deal that you can get. Compare all the plans and make a selection that works best for you.

Q Link Wireless Free Cell Phone Program - Lifeline