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TurboTax For Mobile Tax Filing

Mar 19 2016


TurboTax has started a filing craze with their mobile tax filing app and they are seeing large numbers of users and revenue from it. The reasons are obvious. TurboTax is the smartest way to file your income taxes.

Filing your taxes without help from a professional tax service has become simpler with each tax year.  It began with filing online with your own computer and just a few short years later, everyone can do it themselves with their mobile phone.

Trying out new ideas can be worrisome, especially when it comes to taking chances with money owed or owed to you. But TurboTax has an app for that. The steps are not difficult. You can even provide your W2 just by taking a photo and uploading it. From there, you can answer questions and provide information you would have had to answer and provide to a tax service. Best of all, you do not have to pay $50 or more just to get it done.

Research shows that as the deadline for tax filing draws closer, the amount of people taking advantage of the mobile tax filing apps grows.
Sensor Tower, a business that makes tax filing information through mobile phones their specialty, has determined that TurboTax was able to make over half a million dollars in one day. Keep in mind that one day was in February and as the weeks have gone by, more and more tax filers are pulling out their phones and filing their taxes.

Over the three years that the TurboTax application has been out there, the money earned from it has only increased. The prediction is that if things continue with more people joining the ranks of other mobile tax filers, the money made will grow into millions of dollars every day, leading up to April 15th.

Sensor Tower reports that TurboTax is seeing more in revenue than H&R Block and when the H&R were asked to comment, a representative stated that the company has a policy of not reporting data on their revenue. He countered with the idea that Sensor Tower data was flawed.

Tax filers are reviewing TurboTax and rating them with high marks while H&R does not receive the high ratings and more filers offer reviews for TurboTax than H&R Block.

If you are interested in mobile tax filing, you can get the app on your phone through TurboTax or H&R Block and the app is offered for free through either one, but if you want the most trusted company to help you file your taxes, the solution is TurboTax.

TurboTax was the first to go mobile, and their early start has helped them to gain more revenues. 

The mobile tax filing app is a free download for from either company, but if trust and assurance is important to you, TurboTax is the best way to file.

File Taxes Smarter With the TurboTax Mobile App (:10) - TurboTax Video Demo