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YouTube Music App For A Low Effort - High Reward Entertainment Experience

May 17 2016


The new Youtube Music App is the latest development and release launched by YouTube's popular music video and entertainment platform.

Although aspiring musicians have always used the original platform as a way of creating exposure leading to fame, it has never been specifically targeted towards such musicians. But with the launching of YouTube Music for Android and iOS this has all changed. For a 14-day free trial period, musicians can experience and sample the full service before becoming fully-fledged subscribers and users for $9.99.

One of the best benefits of the YouTube Music app is in having easy access to your favorite videos. For example, a rare song that not many people have watched it.

This new app should not be seen as a replacement for Google Play Music, but one of its main aims is still to sell subscriptions and individual music tracks.

When you subscribe to You Tube Red you will have the advantages of offline play, ad-free listening and viewing and audio-only mode, so the whole experience should definitely be seen as an upgrade to the original YouTube platform. Of course, the free 14-day trial version will still have ads and a more basic experience. It's up to you as to whether you think it's worth paying for the better version.

From a technical perspective, the service uses ever-improving algorithms to guide you towards further content based on what you've already searched for and engaged with. So if you like dance music, it will show you similar content. Or if you like a particular artist, it will give you other content from that performer.

Of course, the idea is to create an endless loop that will have you unrelentingly watching, listening and engaging with the app. In this way, you will be more likely to renew your subscription! Your high rewards for low effort on the YouTube Music app is designed to keep you hooked - in a good way!

Hands-on with the new YouTube Music app