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Get Ready The Pokémon Go App Is Dropping In The USA

Jul 08 2016


Pokémon Go is now available for iOS and Android in the US

Score! Pokémon Go, the wildly anticipated reality game with a backing from Nintendo, is on its way to Android and iOS devices today.

In May, this fan-powerhouse was released in beta in the U.S. and it also seems to be coming out for many other iOS and Android users same day. At first, the app will be limited to New Zealand and while that seems strange, it is quite common. This first step is often a sign of a worldwide launching with imminent hints at expansion. At the time of this article, this highly-anticipated app is not available in the U.S. or the UK. While these two major markets are being left out currently, we expect that it will be more readily available at some point throughout Wednesday.

Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch took time out to play the game earlier in 2016 and said that its makeup could only be described by one word... "awesome."
If much of your childhood revolved around Pokémon battle games or even if you still play them today, you will definitely be excited to get into Go. The application works with your smartphone to bring to life Pokémon battles and their characters... get this... to IRL locations and their landmarks in cities. Free to download, there is no reason not to try this buzz-worthy app. Keep in mind that like most games it does have an in-app purchase features to help unlock certain characters. Thus, if you have small children, you may want to set your phone's security settings to keep away any unwanted phone bill surprises. A wearable device that enhances the game will come out later this month and be available for a purchase cost of $35.

Similar to Ingress from Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go comes to us straight from the vastly creative minds at Google. Ingress, in relation to Go, is a global battle that takes place between two opposing teams. Players compete to seize flags and take over territories around the world. A real trailblazer, Ingress is not merely an online game but a way of turning the world into the game's oversized battlefield.

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