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Twitter Puts The Brakes On Yiannopoulos Trollings

Jul 27 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos

Twitter has finally decided to put the brakes on the troll coalition. The site has permanently banned head troll Milo Yiannopoulos, who is an editor at a conservative news outlet.

Yiannopoulos was notorious for trolling celebrities on Twitter. In fact, he just recently launched an attack on Leslie Jones, the "Ghostbusters" actress. Leslie apparently quit Twitter because of the trollings of this troll, who had 300,000 followers.

The troll group bombarded Jones with countless racist and sexist remarks. Even worse, they created fake messages that they designed to look as if they were coming from her account. She quit Twitter on Monday with much regret in her post.

This horrid attack was not the first one that Yiannopoulos launched. He was previously a key player in GamerGate, and that catapulted him to Twitter celeb status. Twitter removed his verification badge as of January. The verification badge is something that they only give to celebs and media personnel. Yiannopoulos got even worse after they took his badge, and he started insulting the Twitter management and staff.

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