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VidAngel May Be Getting Shut Down

Dec 14 2016


The streaming service, VidAngel, may be getting shut down for federal violations.

VidAngel is a company in Ohio that has been streaming various videos after filtering out all of the nudity, violence and foul language. Organizations such as Fox, Disney and Warner Bros. have gotten together and sued this small business. The reason for the suit is that the business took their copy written material, altered it and then streamed it to customers who paid them. In all fairness, that is not a legal process. VidAngel would have needed a special license to do what they did, and they did not have such a license.

ts business by selling videos for $20 and then getting them back into their hands by paying $19. That gave them the opportunity to rent them to their customers for $1.

One issue with the business was that the studio did not have a license to stream the videos. Furthermore, they were offering films that had not yet been delivered to other services like Netflix and such.

The suit claimed that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibited the removal of access-control protections on DVD. VidAngel argued that the Family Home Movie Act of 2005 allowed the use of certain technological devices to censor DVDs. The judge ruled on the side of the big corporations, which is not a surprise.

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