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Saying Farewell To The Vine Looping Application

Jan 18 2017


Vine is closing down, so remember to get your videos exported today.

As announced initially in October, Twitter will shortly close its' looping video application down, and its' social media network Vine. At first, the firm suggested that it would remove the Vine application from app stores, however subsequently, it decided to change this to a newer, easy to maintain application known as Vine Camera. In advance of this, Vine's application and website were upgraded to enable the exportation of Vines, if you don't want them to be deleted.

It is possible to export Vines until later today. This can be done from the Vine website, or from Android or iOS applications. At the moment, the Vine website states that Vines can be downloaded up until the 17th January 2017, at which point the applications will convert to the Vine Camera. However, the banner for the mobile application states that the application will be upgraded tomorrow.

Notwithstanding, there are just a few hours remaining to get your Vines before they are deleted.

To start the procedure from the application, you will have to search for the 'Save Vines' button on your Profile page. This will get the Vines exported to the roll on your camera. If you opt for a download link instead, the data relating to your likes, reposts and videos can be saved as well.