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Paypal The J.P. Morgan Of The Internet

May 11 2017


Paypal, the famous online payment website has expanded its services. Venmo, Paypal's newest peer-to-peer payment platform, provides an easy to use app that allows easy financial transactions.

Venmo and Paypal dominate the cyber world of peer-to-peer and b2b payments. The goal of these services, provide easy and flexibility. Today, people are using their mobile devices for all types of payments. Mobile devices, including cellular telephones, are the center from which housewives, entrepreneurs, and executives of all types conduct their business of all types.

Paypal's Venmo app allows users to request and make payments from a mobile device. The easy of use is a major key to Venmo's success.

Paypal's success started a decade ago. When consumers started shopping through websites like Ebay or Amazon they needed a secure way to ensure the transaction was both legitimate, legal, and safe.

Paypal rose to fame by allowing the home computer consumer the ability to make purchases safely. The Ebay Paypal connection is often lost in history. However, Paypal got its start as a reputable financial institution. A decade later, Paypal is the internet's equivalent of J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan's banking practices helped to build the infrastructure of 19th & 20th Century America. Paypal has developed the banking practices for the 21st Century's world wide web; securing identity and protecting the bank accounts of American's shopping the world wide web.

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