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Lyft And Taco Bell Testing Game Changer

Jul 26 2017


Lyft is moving beyond it's original ride sharing services and they are starting to market side stops as an additional feature. Together, Lyft and Taco Bell partnered up to start a marketing campaign. Looking to the future it's a great way to ad revenue and expand the capabilities of the brand. The "Taco Mode" which recently debuted allows riders to add on a stop at Taco Bell while on their Lyft trip.

Just tap the app and make a quick taco stop. It's a great way to keep customers happy. It's already become an issue with many ride share trips. People want to make a stop at the bank, the fast food restaurant, the pharmacy market, and more. Drivers were previously limited in the services they could offer. Some customers would find themselves needing to repeatedly app a driver. Now, one drive can provide the stops the customer wants. Within reason.

Taco Bell is offering Lyft customers a special menu and other swag options to promote this new service. This service is marketed to the late night party ending crowd. They provide the perfect late night pitstop for college kids who've spent the night in the club dancing, are taking a safe ride home, and want to stop for that ultimate late night snack.

This pilot program running in July and August in the Orange county area will provide data to help the companies decide the profitability of partnership. If structured correctly and implemented without flaws it has the potential for generational success.

Taco Mode - Ride-thru with Lyft | Taco Bell