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Android Oreo Improves On Some IOS 11 Ideas

Aug 22 2017


Alphabet announced the release of Android Oreo and with it a laundry list of new features that the operating system brings to the table. Most of these features involve the kernel or memory management functions. While end users might not notice them, it should make Android devices run more smoothly without eating into their battery life.

A lot like IOS

Apple's engineers are often accused of copying Android developers, but Android Oreo is also implementing many design changes that make the operating system interface more like that used by iPhone and iPad owners. For instance, Google's programmers based Oreo's notification scheme on the one used in iOS.

Android Oreo devices will feature a small dot in the upper corner of the app's icon to show that said app is notifying the user of something important. Alphabet's design crews also copied the method iOS uses to interact with notifications. Tapping and holding an icon with one of the notification badges displays a context menu in the new operating system.

New Emojis

Android Oreo devices will also offer new emojis, which is a move designed to keep pace with Apple's iOS 11 promises.While some might say emojis are the future of humanity, serious users might be more interested in the fact that Android Oreo also copied the method iOS uses to manage the clipboard. Google engineers are calling it Smart Text Selection technology, and it promises to actually improve on Apple's system of data detectors. It's also powered by Google's polished AI, which means that it features much smarter identification than the existing Apple code.

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