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New Nintendo Switch Dock Is A Silver Screen And A Flat screen At The Same Time

Oct 30 2017


A new Nintendo Switch dock accessory from independent hardware developer YesOJO gives the mobile gaming console the ability to project a screen as large as 150 in. on any flat surface. It's been hard to get a genuine big-screen console feel from the Switch so far, so this represents a major step forward for the platform.

The so-called OJO Nintendo Switch dock add-on comes with an onboard micro-projector as well as a battery that provides around four hours of screen time. The width of the projection differs depending on the focal distance of the projector from the surface, but it always shines at a fairly bright 200 lumens no matter how far you are away from it.

You can also sue the OJO as an additional battery even if you're not using the projector module at all times. It can charge any USB device, including Android phones and tablets.

As well as increasing your battery life fourfold, the OJO provides you with audio jacks and an HDMI port for high-quality video streams. If you want to feed sound straight to a digital stereo or recording deck, then you'll love the auxiliary audio out jack on the back of the OJO.

Indiegogo currently offers the OJO to gamers at a special introductory price of $269, which is a major discount compared to the proposed $369 retail price.

The First Nintendo Switch Projector by YesOJO is in Development