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Climber.com is Like a Dating Site for Job Seekers


Climber.com is Like a Dating Site for Job Seekers

If you are looking for a passive recruiting environment were you can continue to work while still having a presence in the open job market, Climber.com might be for you. The company bills itself as a ‘Dating Site for Job Seekers’. You create a Career Fingerprint which has all the normal resume details with some additional ideal job information. When a new job becomes available that is a perfect match for you, you are contacted through email.

The company uses a work-values assessment similar in some ways to eHarmony’s matching software to compare your style and needs to the company and job that has become available. Climber.com has been one of the fastest growing online business over the years and reported 250% growth during the middle of 2007. The passive job seeking style is popular with professionals that are not available to pursue job positions regularly or search other sites on a daily basis.

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