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High-Tech Elections: Using the Internet to Learn about Candidates

Candidates for Charlotte Mayor

Image by Willamor Media via Flickr

Since the evolution of the internet, it has provided a useful tool for a lot of applications. In an election year, there are plenty of tools and benefits that come from the world of technology. In fact, many viral and social media campaigns are what give candidates the chance to reach out to their supporters in a whole new way. The internet has come a long way in terms of helping candidates get the word out, and citizens have a lot of different things to think about when they decide to utilize technology to figure out exactly what they're dealing with.

-You have to remember that you can't believe everything that you read. While there are a lot of useful resources online to help you understand the candidates, there are also people out there whose sole mission is to provide misinformation and affect people's decisions in all the wrong ways. The internet is a great resource, but it's also a great tool for anonymity. That means you have to check your sources, always, before trusting the information that you find.

-Politics is a dirty game and the internet makes it even easier to be dirty. Viral videos, social networking sites, and other tools make it easy for people to create bad campaigns and dirty moves that are unnecessary. Don't let yourself get involved in this side of the game. Stick to getting the facts and focusing on the truth.

-You can use the internet to find comparison sites that will go through all of the issues, candidates, and other elements involved in the election at hand. That will allow you to get a side-by-side view of who's doing what and which candidate best suits your tastes. Just remember, again, to get this information from a reliable source.

-Avoid heated political debates in social networking circles. It can be hard to resist the urge to prove people wrong, and especially online where you have such a great forum to do so, but remember that politics is a matter of opinion. Getting involved in debates and disagreements is just going to distract you from the real tools and information that you can find to help you learn more about the election.

Elections are all about making informed decisions. Previously, people relied on the news media and other resources to tell them what they needed to know about candidates. Thanks to the internet, you can find all the information for yourself and choose what YOU want to know to help you make a decision. It's a much more valuable tool than some people realize, and something that you should take advantage of when you're doing your research for the campaign 2012 elections.

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